City Council approves slew of appointments

City Council last night approved a series of appointments to municipal boards, including filling a vacant seat on the Redevelopment Agency.

The governing body adopted seven resolutions in all, totaling 18 individual appointments and reappointments.

Two appointments (AR-26-18) were made to the Redevelopment Agency. Armando Sanchez of City Hall Plaza, who currently serves as chairman of the seven-member agency,  was reappointed to a four-year term, expiring 2022. Sanchez is recreational facilities director for the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation.


Manager Customer/Client Relations


Mary Gustofson of Rudolph Avenue was appointed to fill the remainder of a term that expires in 2020. Gustofon is a supervisor, field/office customer service manager, customer/client relations for Suez Water, formerly United Water, which runs the city’s water system. She was appointed to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Commissioner Angela Pryor at the end of 2017. Pryor originally was appointed to a four year-term in January 2016.

Four longtime members of Planning Board (AR-22-18) were reappointed, along with one new appointment. Director of the city’s Division of Building and construction code official Richard Watkins and City Councilman At-large Jeremy Mojica were reappointed to a term expiring 2018 (as city officials, the two are one-year appointments, as Class III member and Class II member, respectively).

William Hering of Church Street, also the longtime chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, was reappointed to at term expiring in 2021, along with longtime Planning Board Chairman and Environmental Commission appointee Jeffrey Robinson of Stanton Street. Thomas O’Reilly of Greslin Terrace was appointed as an alternate to a two-year term expiring in 2019.

Zoning Board of Adjustment (AR-23-18): James Pellettiere of East Grand Avenue was reappointed and John Ludington of Midwood Drive was appointed to four-year terms that expire at the end of 2021.

Alcohol Beverage Control Board (AR-24-18): Edward Rengifo of West Grand Avenue was reappointed to a two-year term that expires in 2020.

Parking Authority, (AR-27-18): Eric Kabel of Grove Street was appointed to an unexpired term for the rest of this year. Daniel Garay of Midwood Drive also was appointed to an unexpired term but one that expires in 2021.

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