Chess Mates opens on Irving Street

Excuse the recent hiatus, we’ll catch up on a few things this week.

Several new stores opened downtown within the last few months, among the more prominent ones is Chess Mates, the second retail tenant in the Park Square development on Irving Street.

The grand opening originally was scheduled in March but was postponed and finally opened in mid-June. Chess Mates occupies the second retail space in Park Square, next to Eyes On You, and has a three-year lease for about 1,000 square feet.


Something else to catch up on: The Star-Ledger’s Munchmobile is on a pizza run again this summer and it stopped by Rahway a while ago, offering its impressions of Brooklyn Pizza. The Race Street pizzeria got a C+ with comments ranging from “perfect amount of garlic and cheese” to “average” and “soggy.” The sauce, crust and sausage “still need work” but they endorsed the white pizza.

3 thoughts on “Chess Mates opens on Irving Street”

  1. I walked by a couple days ago and wasn't impressed. They basically have a sign on the window saying if you're not a member, you can't enter.Sounds pretty stupid to me. I thought they were going to also have a cafe, but I guess they don't want anyone other than chess players in there. Oh well.

  2. Oh well, guess I won't be going there..I can understand the member policy to keep out certain clientele. How would they generate revenue????

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