Center Circle owners raise issue with project

Owners of The Center Circle raised concerns about notification regarding the proposed Meridia Water’s Edge development as well as access to the three-quarter property adjacent to their complex.

In a two-page letter to the Redevelopment Agency and mayor last month, the attorney for The Center Circle said her client had no official notice provided about the proposed five-story, 108-unit project. “Unfortunately, The Center Circle’s source for information about the development of the adjacent property continues to be through newspaper articles, rumors and blogs,” Joan Stavros, an attorney with Adler & Stavros in Warren, wrote in the Aug. 18 letter. “At my client’s request, The Center Circle met with the city and the named developer, but the critical issue of its property use and access remains open and unresolved.”

Over the years, The Center Circle has agreed to several easements on its property for access, parking and temporary construction. “The intent was solely and exclusively to provide only limited pedestrian and general vehicular access to and for the library, recreation center and City Hall, but not access for any construction vehicles, trucks, trailers or any type of permanent general traffic flow…related to residential development,” Stavros said.

In June, Center Circle owners had to request the removal of several construction vehicles from their property, either crossing over or parked by a company conducting tests for the Redevelopment Agency on the property being developed, said Stavros, adding that they had no prior notice or consent. “The disregard of my client’s rights concerning the general access to and use of its property cannot continue,” Stavros wrote. “My client is open to discuss and negotiate any access to or use of its property for the development, but must be fully protected from any damage to its property resulting therefrom.”

The Center Circle occupies about 3.5 acres fronting Main Street, and is on the market with an asking price of $5.45 million. The owner and real estate agent introduced a Cleveland-based developer to city officials, according to City Administrator and Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier. Forest City recently met with city officials to discuss potential redevelopment opportunities.

In a letter last month to Pelissier, Forest City vice president Abe Naparstek thanked him for the meeting and expressed interest in Rahway. “Downtown Rahway has clearly become a vibrant destination for residents, and your efforts to encourage new housing opportunities alongside retail and cultural amenities is a clear path for continued success,” he wrote. “We believe Rahway has excellent investment potential, and city’s focus on continued growth is a compelling factor in this outlook.”

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  1. "Downtown Rahway has clearly become a vibrant destination for residents"I guess I have to take a walk down there this week, I wish he would have mentioned the best time to see this

  2. What the heck are they doing to my town? I've been here for 34 of my 37 years. All I see now is empty crappy buildings all over. They really need to stop building these apartments and condos before we turn into a town like Newark.

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