Carriage City violating redevelopment agreement

Apparently in violation of its redevelopment agreement, Carriage City Properties has been advised by the Redevelopment Agency that it needs approval before renting unsold units on its own in the 16-story building. The builder also has filed a tax appeal, which could be settled shortly.

Redevelopment Director and City Administrator Peter Pelissier reported at Wednesday night’s meeting that the redevelopment agreement would have to be renegotiated. Specifically, it would be modified to stipulate payment of the $10,000 redevelopment fee to the agency at the time the unit is occupied, instead of at closing.

Of the 209 units, about 48 units have closed and a total of 76 Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCO) have been issued, according to Pelissier. Several units can be found advertised as rental apartments on various Web sites but those are individual owners who purchased the units, which is allowed. Last month a Rahway Rising reader pointed out a craigslist ad that clearly indicates SkyView as the rental agent, which Pelissier said prompted a Jan. 5 letter from the agency’s attorney to Carriage City Properties.

Carriage City also has appealed its tax assessment of almost $60 million (equalized ratio of about $25 million), which this year will generate $1.2 million in property taxes. That issue may be settled at Monday’s City Council meeting, Pelissier said.

Units at SkyView at Carriage City Plaza so far have sold for an average of about $296,000, with a low of $225,000 and high of $444,000.