Brooklyn Pizza coming to Rahway

This one’s for all the “West Siders” (readers who live on the west side of St. Georges Avenue): Brooklyn Pizza is coming to Rahway.

Renovations, which include a snappy new sign, have been ongoing for several weeks and expect to be completed this month, if the message on the answering machine is accurate.
A number of pizzerias have inhabited the Race Street storefront in just the past few years. Previously, it’d been home to Adam’s Pizza, and before that, Race Street Pizza.


I’m taking a break from posting about the Rahway Survey. There are a couple of more posts we can glean from the survey results, which we’ll try to post next week.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Pizza coming to Rahway”

  1. What is it about this spot that businesses don’t seem to last? My husband and I surmise it’s the parking/one way street thing… but it might just be a poor feng shui: there’s not many businesses along St. Georges that face in this direction. Good luck to the new owners. It would be nice if someone could overcome the trend.

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