Bond ordinance increased for building removal

The City Council this month unanimously approved an amendment increasing a bond ordinance by $85,000 for work related to the demolition of an East Cherry Street building last year.

At its Jan. 9 meeting, the governing body amended an ordinance from $200,000 to $285,000 (an increase of 42 percent) for work that included demolition of 65 E. Cherry St., which occurred in May (after the facade collapsed last February) and was paid for via a $75,000 emergency resolution in June). The ordinance also included funds for improvements to Lot B on Main Street.

City Administrator and Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier said the increase was needed for additional engineering costs to shore up the sides of the neighboring buildings, and ensure that when the building was removed, the adjoining basements were not affected. The city has placed liens on the work for the property, he added.

Developer Dornoch Holdings purchased the property for $65,000 from the Parking Authority and more than four years ago had proposed renovations to the Planning Board but those never went anywhere.

5 thoughts on “Bond ordinance increased for building removal”

  1. When they say they're spending money on lot B, does that include the adjacent property being used for temporary parking? At first, we were told it would be available for taxpayers to park but now my understanding is the entire temporary lot has been leased to Luciano's Restaurant. Does anybody know how much Luciano's is paying and to who?

  2. At the time of the building collapse, did Dornoch own the building? Shouldn't they pay the additional engineering costs to shore up the neighboring buildings? Or at least, have them contribute to the additional costs?

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