Beware of red light cameras coming soon

Red light cameras could be up and in use sometime next month at two Rahway intersections: Routes 1&9 and East Milton Avenue, and St. Georges and Maple avenues. There would be a 30-day “warning phase” after installation, to get the public accustomed to them before tickets are issued, according to Police Chief John Rodger. He expects them to be installed at some point next month.

City Council last fall approved the traffic safety camera program following approval from the state, a process that started about two years ago.

Linden reported netting fines of $800,000 in the first three months that its three red light cameras were in use at three of its intersections, according to this story this past November. Violations on Routes 1&9, a state-designated safe corridor, run $140 while a violation elsewhere is $85. About $11.50 from each ticket goes to the state and 10 percent of the remaining amount goes to the vendor. In addition to the revenue, Linden reported just one accident at the three intersections during the first three months.Rodger is skeptical whether the state will approve many more intersections, but other potential sites in Rahway would be Routes 1&9 and East Grand Avenue, St. Georges and West Grand avenues, and St. Georges Avenue and Colonia Boulevard.

Every violation to the Police Department is certified by a police officer while the vendor issues the violation and it’s paid through Municipal Court. There are no points on a violation, unless a driver pleads not guilty, according to Rodger, in which case if they’re found guilty it’s two points plus a fine and court costs. Motorists can be cited for running a red light or turning on red. Rodger said Linden experienced a 30-percent drop in violations since the cameras took effect.