Asbestos removal could near $100K on Hamilton home

Asbestos remediation for a home that will be demolished to make way for the amphitheater on Hamilton Street could cost almost $100,000.

City Engineer James Housten briefed Redevelopment Agency commissioners during a meeting earlier this month. He said a survey estimated the cost to deal with asbestos at 312 Hamilton St. to be $43,000, with administrative costs possibly bringing the total to $93,000. Asbestos must be removed from the roof, floors and tiles before demolition can occur, he said. The Redevelopment Agency acquired the two-story, multi-family home last year for $340,000 to include the space for the Hamilton project.

Housten also described the design for the amphitheater project site. The amphitheater itself will be on the front, left portion of the Hamilton property, with parking in the rear center and rear right, and continuing to a lot behind where the house is located, and up and around the Bell Building.

The site still lies within a flood plain so the stage must be built to withstand stormwater, though it can be approved because there no homes or businesses are planned. Still, he added, it’s a serious waiver that is not easily obtained from Department of Environmental Protection. Housten said the hope is to gain approval by December.

The amphitheater project is expected to go to bid and break ground by next year. The second phase, once the amphitheater is constructed, will include design and development of the Bell Building for a black box and dance theater.