Artist housing survey launched

The developer behind a proposed affordable housing facility for artists launched a month-long online survey yesterday to help shape the Rahway Residence for the Arts, a 69-unit project planned for the former Elizabethtown Gas Building.

Performing and visual artists are encouraged to complete the 10-minute survey at RahwayArtistHousing

The Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation (AFHDC), which is developing the project with Newark-based Crawford Street Partners and Ingerman Group of Cherry Hill, held an event yesterday at the Hamilton Stage for the Arts to tout the survey, which will solicit input from artists from metropolitan New York to Trenton.

“We are asking people in the performing, entertainment and visual arts communities about their preferences and needs,” AFHDC President and CEO Scott Weiner said in a press release. Responses will help shape the design and amenities of the proposed development for the two-story building at Central and Hamilton avenues.

AFHDC was designated as redeveloper of the site this past spring, after presenting a concept plan to the Redevelopment Agency. Construction is expected to begin next year.

2 thoughts on “Artist housing survey launched”

  1. This is a total "spread-the-wealth" scam. AFHDC officers enrich themselves by acting as the middlemen in this theft of taxpayer dollars. AFHDC is hardly a benevolent charity, in which the majority of its "donations" come in the form of "block grants" from their well-connected "friends" in the government class. The sad thing is, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the much larger "Charity, Inc" scam that is a casino game in which the house (the well-connected network of govt insiders and "non-profits" [haha]) always wins and the working man schlep always loses, even though he never voluntary places a bet with his hard earned money that the social engineers feel they have a right to. I wish I was wrong. Please tell me how wrong I am.

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