Artist housing explored for gas building site

City officials are scheduled to meet with a developer this week to discuss a project centered around the former Elizabethtown Gas Building at the corner of Hamilton Street and Central Avenue. A presentation to the Redevelopment Agency is expected at its next meeting, April 4.

City Administrator and Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier briefed commissioners last week, describing Thursday morning’s meeting as a preliminary discussion about what they would like to see at that site. He envisions about 70 residential units for actors to be constructed behind the building with help from The Actors Fund. The gas building itself may be donated to the Rahway Arts District for use as arts space, he said.

In his final State of the City address in 2010 — as well as his 2009 remarks — former Mayor James Kennedy described the Elizabethtown Gas building as a possible home for an art school and cooperative gallery and “live-work space for artists.”

The 1-acre site was assessed at $496,400 last year, generating a property tax bill of more than $30,000.

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  1. I just started this blog that lists available apts, offices and artist space in downtown Rahway to help others find space in downtown arts district…(I have 7 people looking to move here, and it hard to find anything available). If anyone knows of any available space, let me know and I will add it.Thanks!

  2. Rotten, Look up the 1st Amendment, I'm not inhibiting your "free speech." You're welcome to speak at public meetings, or stand on the street corner and pass out fliers or yell about whatever it is you want. In this case, if you want to make nonsensical or inaccurate comments, go to another website, not this one. I'd like to keep the standards higher when it comes to comments. I've previously asked you to improve your comments and you have not. They remain barely comprehendable at best, nonsensical at worst. Please don't bother commenting anymore, your comments bring nothing to the table.

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