Agreement reached on sewer dispute

The city has reached tentative agreement on a dispute over sewer connection fees for a proposed Irving Street restaurant.

City Administrator and Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier said a third meeting with principals of Station Bar & Grill yielded an agreement that will be finalized by the city attorney.

The developers will pay about $27,000 and be given credit on previous usage while also being allowed to pay the total over a number of years, though Pelissier declined to say exactly how many. Originally, the city had calculated about $35,000 in sewer fees but Pelissier emphasized the agreed-upon total is still within the scope of the city ordinance, adding that the city worked with the developer as best it could but did not make any “special deals.”

Developers had told city officials that they could not do the project if they had to pay the original total. The 6,900-square-foot project received Planning Board approval last June.