Agency designates redeveloper for artist housing

The Redevelopment Agency at its meeting earlier this month conditionally designated the Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation (AFHDC) as redeveloper of the former Elizabethtown Gas building on Central Avenue (Block 167, Lot 1), where it has proposed 60 units of affordable housing for artists.

The AFHDC, a subsidiary of The Actors Fund that aims to develop affordable, supportive and senior housing for the performing arts community, and Newark-based Crawford Street Partners presented a concept plan to the Redevelopment Agency at its April 4 meeting.

The proposal calls for a total of 62,000 square feet, in addition to 15,000 square feet of parking, roughly 60 spaces. Of the 60 apartments, 40 would be one-bedroom, 14 would be two-bedroom, and six would be three-bedroom. The existing two-story, 6,500-square-foot building would be incorporated into activity space while a four-story housing structure would house the 60 units.

Developers have said that the concept plan is still just that and are working toward a final design. The roughly 1-acre site generated a property tax bill of more than $30,000 last year based on its assessment of $496,400. The property is currently owned by AGL Resources, the parent company of Elizabethtown Gas.

2 thoughts on “Agency designates redeveloper for artist housing”

  1. It is nice that I have a chance to ask this question a second time. Mark, what procedures are being planned to screen the applicants to make sure that they are artists? How is the Redevelopment Agency going to prevent this building from becoming a Flop House?Thanks,Bill

  2. Hey Bill, Don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions; this plan still has to go before the City Council and Planning Board. I'm told that screening applicants and filling apartments with artists and such will be the responsibility of The Actors Fund.

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