Agency agrees to amend plan for liquor store

The Redevelopment Agency last week agreed to amend a redevelopment plan that would allow a developer to essentially swap Main Street storefronts and ultimately bring an upscale liquor store/wine shop downtown.

Representatives for 1527 Main Street Associates, LLC, approached the Redevelopment Agency last month for permission to lease the ground floor of the former Robinson’s building to a tenant currently occupying a nearby space. The Tae Kwon Do school currently two doors down at 1537 Main St. (Block 320, Lot 5) would occupy the Robinson’s building (Block 320, Lot 7) while a liquor store/wine shop originally planned there could ultimately inhabit the other space.

The liquor license for the site must be activated by June because the state will not grant any more extensions. The property owner is still interested in developing a wine shop, only in the adjacent space and still plans to renovate apartments for the second floor of the Robinson’s building, according to city officials.

The City Council would consider an amendment to the Central Business District Redevelopment Plan at its next meeting in October, said Redevelopment Agency attorney Frank Regan.

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  1. Sovereign Martial Arts teaches shotokan karate, kickboxing, mixed martial arts and krav maga — not tae kwon do. The school brings much more to Rahway than just martial arts instruction. You should interview them about their youth programs. A very positive force in Downtown.

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