Addition nixed at Kings Inn

The Kings Inn motel on Routes 1/9 south will eventually be renovated to become a Super 8 but the addition has been yanked from the drawing board.

The distinctive tower may not be demolished though it will remain, in a different form. (The tower would be to the left of the building if the sketch below extended in that direction.)

When developers presented their plans for renovations and a 43-room addition to the Redevelopment Agency last month, it was before a survey of the property was done. The survey revealed the four-story addition would be within a flood zone and thus require elevation of some six feet, according to Department of Environmental Protection regulations.

The additional building would have increased the total number of rooms to 87. Instead, the current facility will be renovated with one room converted into office space, leaving 52 rooms. A representative of Wyndham hotels indicated 50 rooms is the “basic, absolute minimum” for its hotels. Developers, who came before the Redevelopment Agency again last week, proposed leaving the tower as a breakfast area, which didn’t sit well with some commissioners.

Redevelopment Agency Chairman William Rack was adamant with developers that the tower not remain. “It’s a symbol of what’s there now, I don’t want it to permeate,” he said. “The reputation is there (.pdf), you’ve got to get rid of that.”

Developers, who said they’ve renovated 10 to 15 franchise hotels in New Jersey, agreed to reshape the tower and make it one story high in converting it into a breakfast area.