2017 election results

There were no local election races in this year beyond school board but at the top of the ticket, Rahway voters backed the Democratic candidate at higher rates than state- and county-wide voters.

Democrat Phil Murphy was projected as the next governor by an estimated margin of 56-43 percent statewide, with at least three-quarters of precincts reporting. Murphy garnered wider margins locally, outpolling Republican Kim Guadagno by 65-32 percent overall in Union County and 67-25 percent within Rahway, according to unofficial results posted by the Union County Clerk’s Office.

Murphy handily carried the primary in June. The governor-elect took about 42 percent of the Democratic primary votes in Rahway among four main primary candidates.

Countywide, voter turnout was 35.3 percent among all 431 districts reporting, with 115,212 ballots cast among 326,459 registered voters. In Rahway, turnout was slightly less, about 34.7 percent, with 6,246 ballots cast among 17,989 eligible registered voters.

Turnout locally was highest in the 6th Ward at almost 39 percent (1,179 out of 3,030) and the 3rd Ward at 37.7 percent (1,067-2,829), according to results from County Clerk’s Office compiled into this spreadsheet. The lowest turnout was in the 4th Ward at 32.9 percent (1,290-3,920).

Murphy handily carried all six wards and swept all 24 districts within Rahway, rolling up huge margins particularly in the 4th Ward (89-7 percent, 851-64 votes) and 1st Ward (82-14 percent, 701-117).

Guadagno was closest in the 3rd Ward, trailing Murphy by a margin of 49.5 to 36 percent (597 to 432 votes). It was the only ward where Murphy didn’t gain the majority. Among specific districts, Guadagno was closest in the 6th Ward, 4th District, trailing 50-45 percent, or 152 to 138 votes.

It’s considered an off-year election, with the gubernatorial race at the top of the ballot, followed by state legislator elections, county freeholders, and only in some cases local council races. Locally, most races are considered safe seats, be it state legislators or county freeholders.

No local elections were held in Rahway this year. Next year, the mayor’s seat is up along with the three at-large City Council seats. All nine seats currently are held by Democrats. The last time a Republican held a seat on the governing body was more than a decade ago.

There are three seats up on the Board of Education annually. Unofficial results for school board are as follows:

  1. Thomas O’Reilly — 1,693 votes – 27.03 percent
  2. Carlos Garay — 1,529 votes – 24.56 percent
  3. Deborah Bridges — 1,520 votes – 24.41 percent
  4. Ray Lopez — 1,479 votes – 23.76 percent

Election results are unofficial until certified by the county clerk.