2013 Pizza Poll: What’s your favorite in Rahway?

It’s time to take a break from all the serious, newsy blog posts and get back to having some fun. Feel free to use the comments section to make your case for your favorite pizza place.

What’s your favorite place for pizza in Rahway?
Brooklyn Pizza
Buona Pizza
KC’s Pizzeria
Nunzio’s II
Nancy’s Towne House
Papa Vito’s
Ted’s Pizzeria


We could call this post our fourth annual Favorite Pizza poll. There’s one less option to choose from since last year’s closing of Rahway Pizza, which won the poll in 2009. Nancy’s Towne House was the top vote-getter last year with 31 percent (27 of 87 votes), as well as the year before, when Nancy’s grabbed 26 percent (48 of 183 votes).

In fact, Nancy’s and Rahway Pizza were the top two vote-getters in most of our polls. Rahway Pizza had always fared well in the results, including a second-place finish last year.

This is hardly a scientific poll, just something fun that can be easily manipulated for anyone with too much time on their hands. So have some fun with it, and tell us what you like best about your favorite.

11 thoughts on “2013 Pizza Poll: What’s your favorite in Rahway?”

  1. How timely. Just the other day I was lamenting how utterly terrible the last pie we had from Papa Vitos was. I'm positive they had a pie just laying around and threw some pepperoni and it, barely heated it and sent it along to us. SO disappointed and they charge a lot for their pies also.Honestly, I'm spoiled from having lived in New York and Brooklyn, and still working in NYC. I keep hoping to find a place locally that can match even an average NY pie and it can't be found *sighs*. None are consistent, the dough isn't the same, the sauce is usually too sweet or some other problem, they scrimp on quality, whatever.Having said all that, this year I'll vote for Nancy's for at least having a unique take on pizza. I do love their thin crust, and never have had a bad pie there. Although expensive for what it is, at least the quality is good and I love that they come up with some unique combinations now and then. If they added delivery service – they'd be nearly perfect.

  2. I, too, have to go with Nancy's. I agree with Sivyaleah–unique, if a little pricey. But having recently had a thin crust at some trendy NY spot, where the bottom was burned and conversation was near impossible over the din, I came to more appreciate Nancy's consistent (and consistently delicious) pies and the low-key vibe of their subterranean space. I don't know of any other thin-crust place that gets that same type of result–almost a complete lack of "breadiness" (which is a good thing!)Finally, when last parked in front of Papa Geno's (last week), I think I recall a new sign there, and probably a new name. Is it Papa Geno no longer?

  3. Vito's is by far the most expensive in rahway. I can't believe their still in business. It's Vito's personality, he's a great guy and his customers have great loyalty to him. If joe takes over their sunk.

  4. Vito has retired! Joe took over with his brother in law… new name is Plumb Tomatoe…. Not sure if things will change much it is still Joe cooking… Brother in law up front making pies now.

  5. I agree with taxpayer. Linwood makes great pies. Since Rahway Pizza closed (my vote last year) I tried Nancy's and was disappointed. Too thin and too expensive. If I want great pizza i trek all the way down to Strawberry's in Woodbridge.

  6. The owner of the Lindwood is the brother of Strawberry's owner. The pizzas are both exceptional and the newly renovated Strawberry Pub looks great and has a far superior beer selection.

  7. Papa Vito is not Papa Vito's any more, cannot remember the new name, but it has changed. Not that is matters, it has to be one of the worst pies in the surrounding area.

  8. Variations in personal taste skew polls. But fort anyone who believes Rahway pizzas are inherently flawed compared to Brooklyn (which I do not believe), I suggest a trip to Elizabeth, Santillo Pizza at 639 S Broad St, then down into Peterstown – Spirito's (most atmospheric if not best pie)& number of other etablishments. But if you can't find a decent pizza in Rahway, you're way too picky. It isn't, like they say, rocket science.

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