Retail comings and goings, Part II

Given the slow time of year, and my aim to post at least a couple of times a week, we’ll make this a part two of a retail update of sorts while I work on something more substantial for an upcoming post.

Here’s some recent turnover on the eastern end of Irving Street:

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Poll results: What’s your favorite pizza place?

If our last poll is any indication, there are two pretty clear favorites among Rahway pizza parlors, a few more that get some support among readers, followed by a smattering of others around town.

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What would you like to see in this space?

While I’m on vacation this week, I thought I’d try a new feature that I picked up from some local news sites, profiling some vacant storefronts and spaces and asking readers what they’d like to see in that space.

The ground-floor space of the two-story building at 69 E. Cherry St. has been vacant for some time (perhaps it had something to do with neighboring a burned out beauty supply shop for several years until it collapsed.). Previously, the space was occupied by Royal Treasure Antiques. The sign indicates 1,500 to 1,600 square feet plus basement are available immediately, along with one off-street parking space. No word on what the going rate per square foot might be.

(November 2010)

In 2010, owners of the building approached the Redevelopment Agency about siting a Mexican restaurant and bakery, which never panned out.

Rather than post a poll, I thought I’d make it an open-ended discussion int the comments section. Fire away — just be respectful and try to be constructive (as opposed to incoherent and obnoxious).

Council to introduce sidewalk cafe ordinance

The City Council is scheduled to introduce an ordinance at its regular meeting Wednesday night, establishing regulations and licensing for outdoor sidewalk cafes. The ordinance (O-19-12) would come up for a public hearing and final approval at the July 9 pre-conference/regular meeting, and would take effect 20 days after/if it’s signed by the mayor.

The annual application for a sidewalk cafe would be accompanied by a $500 fee. The fee would cover the cost of the location being inspected and plans reviewed by the police chief, fire chief, city engineer, health officer and construction official.

Director of the Department of Building, Planning and Economic Development Richard Watkins told the governing body tonight that there is no existing ordinance and the city needs a method to regulate and license the practice since it would be a private business operating in the public right of way, requiring indemnification to protect the city as well as neighbors. The ordinance would require a minimum of six feet of paved sidewalk and not operate past 10:30 p.m. (11:30 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and certain holidays).

Watkins said that Hotel Indigo has expressed interest in a sidewalk cafe and while no other restaurants have yet to do the same, he’s hopeful others will follow. Until now, eateries have had sidewalk seating under special arrangements with the city, he said. BYOB restaurants would be included in the ordinance.

Watkins estimated the process of filing an application until approval for a restaurant might take two to three weeks.

Poll: Your favorite pizza place

We’ve asked this poll question before but readers seem to have a lot of fun with it, so consider it our fourth annual (completely unscientific and just for fun) Pizza Poll. Besides, it’ll give us something to talk about during these slower summer months while we’re on vacation.

The first three polls had left out a few options but I think most every option is included this time around:

What’s your favorite place for pizza in Rahway?
Brooklyn Pizza
Buona Pizza
KC’s Pizzeria
Nunzio’s II
Nancy’s Towne House
Papa Vito
Rahway Pizza
Ted’s Pizzeria

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