120-unit Meridia Chateau proposed at Savoy site

A 120-unit rental complex proposed for the former Savoy site would nearly four times the size of previous plan’s density. The Savoy, which broke ground in 2006 at the corner of Monroe and Main streets but stalled and went into default last year, was to be a 36-unit, two-bedroom condo development.

Main Street frontage

Representatives from Capodagli Property Company appeared before the Redevelopment Agency Wednesday night with a concept plan for the five-story Meridia Chateau, which would include 120 parking spaces on two levels, and an entrance from both Dock and Main streets. Taking advantage of the natural slope from Main to Dock streets, 57 parking spaces would take up the first level of Main Street( along with a main entrance), and another level of 64 parking space below it, on Dock Street.

There would be 30 units per floor. Of the total 120, 60 would be two-bedrooms, another 30 one-bedrooms, and 30 one-bedrooms with a den/office. The units would range in size from 650 to 815 square feet, similar to what’s planned at Meridia Water’s Edge, according to George Capodagli, a principal in the firm. He was unsure of the exact density of the project but estimated it also would be similar to Meridia Water’s Edge, about 140 units per acre. “The biggest demand right now: studios. It’s hard for us to believe it,” he said.

Upper level parking

The Pompton Plains-based developer is getting ready to break ground on Water’s Edge, a 108-unit project on 0.75 acres behind the city library, and last year completed Meridia Grand, 88 units on East Grand Avenue.

Redevelopment Agency Chairman William Rack asked that Capodagli consider changing the name of the project to Meridia Lafayette, to mark a historic visit by General Lafayette to a former tavern on the site.

Lower level parking

The next step will be for the Redevelopment Agency to designate Capodagli as redeveloper of the site, which could occur as early as next month, and then negotiate a memorandum of understanding, said City Administrator and Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier. After a redevelopment agreement is reached with the agency, he said the City Council would have to amend the redevelopment plan while the Planning Board offers its input, before voting on any application, which could come by summer.

***Feb. 2 addition: The subject of a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) did not come up during the presentation, but when asked after the meeting, Pelissier said he expects Capodagli to apply for one. Cadogali confirmed in an email on Thursday that he would ask for a PILOT.***

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  1. The concept plan calls for a four-story Meridia Chateau, while the presentation board of the front elevation shows 5 stories. The parking plan calls for 120 spaces on two levels. Are these 2 parking levels totally parking, thus making it 6 stories, or are they incorporated into the 'livable' floor plans somehow? This is not reflected on the presentation floor plans.

  2. Thanks archjjg, I was a little sloppy and should've done a better job on this post late Wednesday night.My error on the number of stories, and I omitted some details on parking. The rendering is the Main Street frontage, which will have parking, and then another level of parking will be on Dock Street, which essentially will be one story below the Main Street entrance.So, two levels of strictly parking space, taking advantage of the slope from Main to Dock streets.My understanding is apartments/livable space will be on floors 2-5 (as seen from Main Street side).Again, this is a concept plan, more detailed info will be presented later in the process.

  3. Haven't we learned enough about the negative effects of high density housing? Where will the young residents play?Where will they go to school?Who is going to pay for their education (since there will be no taxes going to the schools?How are we helping ourselves?

  4. Mystery,Though I'm probably with you on the high density of the this project, as well as park space, I'm not sure how many kids will be living in 650-815 square foot apts to affect school enrollment.Redevelopment has always focused on attracting households with no children, thus, lessen the impact on schools. From what I'm told, there hasn't been much impact on the school enrollment from the new projects (River Place, Meridia Grand, etc.).

  5. Yeah, well, that's NYC, and this is Rahway. There's a big difference. People are coming to Rahway to live 3-4 to an apartment. C'mon

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